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Write For Us_Free Guestpost Submission
Write For Us_Free Guestpost Submission

Write for Bitly.li

With the view to provide readers with more in-depth and informative insights on Social Media, Technology, and Digital Marketing, Bitly.li warmly welcomes new contributors who have great content related to our topics.

If you are interested in contributing your articles to Bitly.li, please review the following points to understand more about our Policy.

What We Publish:

Bitly.li is a website focusing on a wide range of fields such as Social Media Platforms, Technology and Digital Marketing. We publish original and high quality articles to bring readers comprehensive information and useful advice in using Social Media means, buying Tech products or optimizing Digital Marketing campaigns.

Here is what we are looking for from your articles:

  • Highly related to our topics and must be unique
  • Written based on personal experiences or profound research.
  • Suggested word minimum is 600 words
  • Written in American English and avoid using “jargons”
  • Meta description should be included
  • Add visual to your article such as graphs, images, screenshots, videos etc
  • Use data wherever you can to make your content trustable

What We Don’t Publish:

We don’t publish content which is published on other websites or goes beyond our topics. Your given content must be unique and related to our topics.

Our mission is creating high quality and authentic content for readers , therefore, please don’t send us vague or surface level articles.

When contributing your articles to us, you will get a dofollow link back to content of your site. However, the link must be relevant to the mentioned subjects.

How To Apply To Write for Bitly.li?

After reading through, if you find your work is a good fit for us, please follow our guideline to start publishing your article on our website.

What should you include in your email?

When sending your articles for us, please keep in mind what you should include in your email:

  • A brief information about yourself
  • Examples of your earlier work if you have
  • A summary of potential article titles/ideas
  • If you’ve already written the post – provide it in the attachment.

Where should you send your articles?

If you are ready to send us your article, please send it to email: [email protected]

After receiving your email, we will check it and come back to you within 7 business days. If we don’t, it means your content does not meet our above conditions.