Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019

Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019

You are going to bulid your Social Media Network to serve your business goal. You get trouble in uploading images for banner, header or profile because each platform has its own specific image guide. No worries, this article will help you get started with Twitter Banner Size in 2019.

What is Twitter Banner photo?

Twitter Banner photo is well-known as Twitter Header photo or Twitter cover photo. It is the first impression when someone looks at your Twitter Profile. Here are the examples of Twitter Banner Photos:

Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019
Twitter cover photo_Twitter banner_Twitter header

You also can see the Twitter Banner Photo on the left side of your Home feed like you can see in the example below:

Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019
Twitter banner on the top left

Now you understand what Twitter Banner Image is, Let’s move to Twitter Banner Size.

What is the ideal Twitter Banner Size 2019?

Here are the recommended Twitter Banner Specs:

  • Twitter banner dimensions: 1500 x 500 px
  • Profile picture dimensions: 400 x 400 px
  • Twitter header safe area: 1500 x 360 px
  • File format: JPG, GIF, or PNG

Looking at these specs, you might wonder about Twitter header safe area. Here is the reason why:

Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019
Ideal twitter banner dimensions

As you can see in the photos, the Twitter header size contains the red parts with the profile picture, and top and bottom headers. When you upload photo with 1500 x 500 px size, it will be cropped the top and bottom space causing the imbalance for your photo. Thus, to make sure your banner picture is presented well, 1500 x 360 px dimension is the perfect one.

Tips to design a perfect Twitter Banner picture

In order to create the perfect Twitter banner photo, besides knowing the size, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Mind of your profile picture: As you can see from above examples, the Twitter profile picture covers a small space in the lower-left corner. Therefore, when designing your Twitter banner image, keep your text in the center of your photo
  • Leave space for top and bottom border: As mentioned above, there are 2 invisible parts which will be cropped at the top and the bottom of the header. Therefore, try to make every important thing in visible parts.
  • Include your brand: having your Twitter banner connected with your brand is a wise marketing strategy. It is extremely useful in building brand awareness.
  • Simplify your banner: Keep your Twitter image simple with a high contrast between text, images, and background colors
  • Use highresolution images: your Twitter cover photo quality will be reduced after uploaded. Therefore, try to use high-resolution images to keep good quality even they are resized or cropped.

How to create a Twitter Banner photo?

Understanding the Twitter Banner size, and what to add into it, now you want to actually create one. Here are few basic steps for you to get started:

Create a photo with 1500 x 500 px Twitter banner dimension

It is very easy to create your perfect header for free with the help of many friendly easy-to-use tools on the internet such as:

Or you can use paid tool such as those found in the Adobe Creative Suite to customize your banner.

These tools also offer a wide range of twitter header templates for you to choose.

Resize your banner with Twitter

In case you want to use your photos for your Twitter banner, then Twitter will support you with its scale feature. When you upload your photo, Twitter’s cale feature will let you zoom in/out and drag the photo to fit the Twitter header size.

Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019
Twitter header image size

As you can see, customize a Twitter banner size is not difficult with our guide. Hope you will find it useful and helpful.

Source:Twitter Header Size – Practices and Guidelines.

Updated Twitter Banner Size 2019
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